Greenman Meadows welcomes you!! Join us for adventures in Old-fashioned Homesteading and New Age Living.

If you’ve stumbled across this site then that means you are a kindred spirit and I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with you. So take a look around and see what suits your fancy. We have Blog Posts several times a week that covers homesteading, paganism and how to use them in your everyday life.

The Store offers a variety of items for your perusal such as handmade towels, cleaners, body care and more. Connect with us on your social media of choice and be sure to sign up for our email list to stay on the up and up. I just know we will be great friends! See you soon!

Our Inspiration

Greenman Meadows is a business that focuses on the self sufficiency of Homesteading with the love and care of nature and energy work that comes from being part of the New Age Pagan culture and combines them into your daily life whether you live in the country or city, house or apartment. We focus on topics like beginner’s basics, upcycling, outdoor projects, self love, self care, spellwork and more.

Examples of products we look forward to carrying include:

Body care products such as: scrubs, lotions, serums, essential oil rollers and natural makeups

Handmade items such as: cleaning supplies, blankets for children, cold weather items, reusable market bags etc

New Age items such as: divination tools, spell kits, home decor, and chakra energywork tools

Don’t See What You Need?

If there is anything you would like to see in our store or blog topics feel free to send me a message and I will consider adding it to our ongoing list of topics. Feedback helps to let me know what direction to build my business and how best to serve you.

Thank you and Blessed Be!

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We carry a variety of items from handmade body care to spell kits, adult humor, crochet items and more. All of our soaps are made with fresh goats milk from our farm and natural ingredients. We strive for all natural and ecofriendly products and packaging.

Cocoa de Menthe Sugar Scrub

Our Cocoa de Menthe Sugar Scrub will have your tastebuds salivating with it’s rich mint cookie smell. But please don’t eat it! Great for gifts for teens and adults, date night, self care, or personal indulgence.

Peppermint entices the senses and cools the skin while cocoa softens and smoothes it. Our Sweet Almond oil helps with soothing complexion, restoring moisture loss …

Nasal Zen Sugar Scrub | Cold and Sinus Relief

Our Nasal Zen Sugar Scrub turns your shower into a Spa without all the high pricey gimmicks. Open up your sinuses, and relax with your own self care day. Using high equality essential oils designed to open up your sinuses, reduce headaches and anxiety and pampering your skin; this could be your favorite luxury product yet.

Sunflower and Olive Oils are …

Java Kisses Sugar Scrub

Our Java Kisses Sugar Scrub wakes up your skin with cocoa and coffee that leaves your body kiss-able smooth. Perfect for self care, date night, an early morning energy boost or as a just because gift to yourself.


Coffee’s wake-up boost works in more than just your cup. Caffeine helps to smooth and tighten skin while cocoa softens the skin and …

Lemongrass Meadow Goats Milk Soap

Who says you can’t enjoy summer in the middle of winter? This Lemongrass soap bar with its bright and zingy smell will engage your senses and get rid of those winter blues.

You may be asking why choose Goat Milk Soap?

Goat Milk Soap is perfect for anyone who washes their hands all the time: nurses, doctors, knitters, spinners, crocheters, farmers, gardeners, …

Being a small business means working closely with friends and family. Our business is run by 3 generations of women farmers who strive to combine Homesteading, Natural Products and Witchcraft.

Ariana Zak


Yarn Addict, Green Witch, Full Time Mom and Farmer.
I started Greenman Meadows to combine my love of magic, herbalism and gardening with being self sufficient and giving my daughter the best and healthiest life.

Chris Zak

Sugar Scrub Designer and Crochet Artist

Elder Witch. Farmer and Yarn Enthusiast.
Due to having Fibromyalgia, we started farming to have access to our own foods and know where it came from. It became my passion as I fell in love with all the animals and being outside.

Connie Eisenhart

Soap Designer and Creator

Beginner Witch, Goat Addict and 4/20-Friendly.
I'm glad these ladies have included me in their farm and family. I'm learning about how to care for myself and my farm while helping others do the same. With my Auto-immune issues, learning how to grow my own foods and care for my body helps me to take back control of my life.

The Cocktail Crew

The Animals

Our herd of goats and sheep are our inspiration, daily motivation and suppliers of milk and wool. Without them we wouldnt even have the homesteading aspect of our website!

Our Products are Handmade with Care and Intention. See what our readers have to say about their purchases.

Gilda O.

The website was easy to use, and there was a great variety of items. I love my soap, and my order was sent quick and I loved the little presents and the cards!!!

Kristal B.

It makes my skin feel so soft and the smell is still there the next day! It actually helps me sleep as well. I loved the bag that was included.

Kim J.

I think "Good Morning Grapefruit" should be changed to " Good Night Grapefruit" Normally I have to put glycerin on after my shower but not this time. Im very impressed with this product and look forward to soft skin and great sleep!


We talk about Homesteading Skills, Tutorials, Witchcraft for Beginners and More!

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